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  • Asparagus

    Product image shown is for representation purpose only, the actually product may vary based on season, produce & availability.

    Asparagus, or garden asparagus, folk name sparrow...

  • Bird chili

    It is small round form and very hot because they have been spread by birds. It has Sodium, Magnesium, Iron, Calcium, Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), Thiamine (Vitamin B1), and Niacin. It also ha...

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    Capsicum red

    Fresho Red Capsicum is rich in carotenoid, phytonutrients and contains nearly eleven times more beta-carotene than green bell peppers as well as one and a half times more vitamin C. It co...

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  • China cabbage

    Also called Chinese leaves, the Chinese cabbage has pale, tightly wrapped, succulent leaves with crisp, broad, white ribs and a delicate, mild, sweet flavour.

    the vegetable is an i...

  • Fresh mushroom

    Mushrooms are sourced from hygienic farms across the country and then packaged and delivered to you in utmost freshness and a size that makes you happy!

    The mushrooms are known for...